The Rattan products by Iconic Pet are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. These Rattan products also offers a concealed, secluded place of its own for your four-legged furry friend without having to compromise on indoor or outdoor decor. The hand woven rattan products, brings elegance to your home while giving comfort to your pet.

Rattan Pet Crate
with Storage

Sturdy, woven pliable palm stems of the Rattan Pet Crate by Iconic Pet give an...View More

Rattan Pet
Igloo Bed

Hand woven rattan brings elegance to your home while giving comfort to...View More

Rattan Pet
Raised Arc Bed

Raised Rattan Arc Bed by Iconic Pet complements both a traditional or...View More

Rattan Cylinder
Pet Cage

Eye-catching, circular rattan pet cage is a cozy escape for your furry friend,...View More

Rattan Rectangular
Pet Sofa

Handsomely crafted Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed by Iconic Pet brings luxury to...View More

Rattan Round
Pet Basket

Let your furry companion snooze the day away in this Rattan Round Pet Basket...View More

Rattan Pet

Let your pet relax in style with the Multi Color Rattan Pet Sofa by Iconic Pet. This ...View More

Maharaja Rattan
Pet Bed

Complement your indoor or outdoor decor with this stunning Maharaja Rattan...View More