Knock 'n' Roll Interactive Spinning Cat Toy

Today bringing home a pet cat is not much of a task but taking care of its needs requires some focus from your side. Cats tend to get lazy and will not be even interested in chasing a mouse, unless of course you take the initiative to train them. Here is a simple answer to all your anxiety of a well exercised and energetic cat. The KNOCK 'N' ROLL- SPINNING CAT TOY is an interactive cat toy that will get your cat out of its lazy habits and develop the natural preying instincts.

KNOCK 'N' ROLL - SPINNING CAT TOY is an eco-friendly ABS plastic toy in a hexagon maze box design. The toy has a feather inside that moves around irregularly and getting the cat interested. When the cat finds something like a prey inside it, it will pounce and paw at it. The cat will try to get at the prey for hours together and this will keep it engaged and enthused. The interactive cat toy also helps sharpen the natural preying instinct of your pet. The Knock 'n' Roll toy is finished to perfection and offers highest standards of safety for your pet.

KNOCK 'N' ROLL - SPINNING CAT TOY is an eco-friendly, interactive and safe toy that serves your vision for a healthy, active and intelligent pet.

Knock 'n' Roll Interactive Spinning Cat Toy has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

  • Highly interactive cat toy
  • Eco-friendly ABS plastic toy
  • Single ON-OFF switch
  • CE and RoHS certified
  • Works on 3 AA batteries (Not included)

*All dimensions are approximate and in inches. *Colors may differ slightly.

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ABS plastic