High quality Mid Condo Cat Tree/Furniture - Dark Gray

This cat tree's stunning, neutral style fits most home décor and offers cats multiple ways that to hold out natural and spontaneous behaviors. Cats have natural instincts to climb and scratch. They can perform both these activities on this multipurpose cat tree, which towers 56" high. The scratching posts are wrapped in sisal for all their scratching needs. The mid Condo has two entrances and makes the cat feel secure while its cozy inside. The Cat Tree is made with pressed wooden base, perches and hiding hut are covered in soft plush.

You as a pet owner will love the beautiful and sturdy construction while your cat enjoys all the wonderful features that this cat furniture has to provide. Sisal can not only endure constant scratching but in fact encourage it so that your cat always has a reliable outlet for his natural scratching needs.

The middle Condo Cat Tree provides your feline friend all the scratchable, climbable cat furnishings he desires, saving your own furnishings. It's a good tool for keeping your larger cats occupied and pleased, also teaching younger cats that specific areas are meant for scratching and clawing.

Standing at 56” height, this cat tower offers a magnificent views and private hideaway. The top level provides a magnificent view of their territory. This tower lets your cat be themselves - the easygoing, playful kitty you love. This high quality cat furniture will give you the picture perfect moments when you see them exploring the tree and entertain, exercise and comfort themselves. Give your cat the feeling of being the King or Queen of the household when they climb to the top of the cat tree.

This high quality Condo is manufactured by Iconic Pets, creator of many high-quality pet products. Most of our products suit any home decor.

*All dimensions are approximate and in inches. *Colors may differ slightly.

Item No
Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Product Weight
18” x 18” x 56”
30.1 lbs