FurryGo Car Bench Seat Cover

The well-designed FurryGo Car Bench Seat Cover provides basic protection on bench-style seats with head rest. Universal seat belts holes on the bench seat cover also helps accommodate passengers, kid seats while traveling with your four legged companion. It is also layered with an anti-slip mesh that helps Dogs and Cats without having the fear of slipping or falling off the seat, it also provides a comfortable travel for your pets. Made of durable high quality Oxford it protects your precious car seats from pet hair, dirt, dust and scratches. It is water resistant, machine washable and is very easy to maintain. It can also be easily be folded and put away when not in use.

The FurryGo Car Bench Seat Cover has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

  • Protect your backseat from pet hair, dirt and dust.
  • Ultimate solution to safely satisfy a dog's natural urge to play around while riding in automobiles.
  • Made of durable high quality Oxford.
  • Adjustable straps with quick connect snaps wrap around front and rear headrests to secure.
  • Has cut-out so back seat belts can be used.
  • Back side with tube pocket insert & large anti-slip mesh to prevent slipping.
  • The unique color matching makes the car a different look.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Machine washable.
  • Can be put away when not in use, do not take up space.
  • Ideal for all vehicles with headrests.

*All dimensions are approximate and in inches. *Colors may differ slightly.

Item No
Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Product Weight
Navy Blue
52" x 48.5"
0.41 lbs