Color Splash Cat Saucer Diner

We all know that cats have their own style whether they are napping or happily feeding, so here is a double diner for those pretty cats to purr with satisfaction. The Color Splash Cat Saucer Diner makes every meal easy and enjoyable. The Diner has two saucers to hold food and water or dry and wet food. The high grade stainless steel saucers are also extra strong and hygienic. The ergonomic design of the Cat Saucer Diner makes it easily match with any decor and look as elegant as ever in any environment.

The stainless steel saucers are easy to handle and the saucer holder is lightweight and handy. The curved design of the saucer holder makes it pet safe and attractive. The saucer holder has rubber pads at its base, which makes the diner anti-skid and prevents food from spilling over even if the cat nudges the diner while feeding. The saucers are easy to clean and they are dishwasher safe, making every meal a hygienic and happy event.

The Color Splash Cat Saucer Diner is available in an eye-catching Cyan color. The capacity of the saucer is approx. 12 oz and sufficient for a sumptuous meal.

The Color Splash Cat Saucer Diner has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

  • Removable saucers
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Anti-skid padding
  • Two dishes for dry and wet food
  • Light weight

*Colors may differ slightly.

Item No
12 oz