Iconic Pet Scratchers are made with natural sisal that is the ideal rope material for scratching and clawing.

Kitty Scratch – Sisal Cat
Scratching Post with Plush Toy

A good quality cat scratching post helps you save your household furniture. Cats have a natural need to scratch, and if...View More

Scratch It!
Sisal Cat Scratching Post

Scratch It! offers safe and ideal scratching for kitty at an affordable price and yet durable and long lasting. When the...View More

Paw Print Sisal
Cat Scratching Condo

With the Paw Print Sisal Cat Scratching Condo you can maximize the safety of your household furniture as the cat...View More

Sisal Scratching Tree with
Square Cave and Two Posts - Brown

Exceptional value for an exceptional product! Scratching Post with Square Cave is easily affordable and keeps you...View More

Sisal Scratching Furniture/Tree with
dual cave and multiple posts - Taupe

This product delivers the best for your family cat. This Scratching sisal furniture with multiple Caves is equipped...View More

Dual Post Cat Tree
Condo Tower - Beige

This Peek-a-boo Sisal Dual Post Cat Tree Condo Tower offers your kitty friends a place to stretch, play, scratch, and...View More

Scratch and Slide Wave Scratcher
with Sisal Post - Gray

This Scratch and Slide Wave Scratcher with Sisal Post offers your furry friends endless playtime, scratching, and...View More

Peek-a-boo Cat Tree with
Sisal Scratching Posts - Beige

Your cat deserves the best seat in the house, this Peek-a-boo Cat Tree provides just the right height for your cat to...View More

Three Level Cat Tree Condo with Sisal
Ramp and multiple Sisal Posts - Beige

The Scratching Post with Three Tier View will be a beautiful addition for multi-cat households. Standing at over 3...View More

Three Tier Cat Tree Condo
with multiple Posts - Beige Brown

This Scratching Post with Three Tier Playground is a multi-purpose activity center that will keep your cat...View More

Multi Level Cat Tree Playground with
multiple sisal posts and condo - Beige

Towering at over 4ft height the Cat Tree Playground with Scratcher gives your cat a magnificent view of her territory...View More

Three Level Cat Tree
Condo with Hammock

To avoid health issues, obesity and inactivity get your cat Hammock with scratcher, it is perfect to keep them active...View More

High quality Mid Condo Cat
Tree / Furniture - Dark Gray

This cat tree's stunning, neutral style fits most home décor and offers cats multiple ways that to hold out natural...View More