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Pin Brush with Silica Gel Soft Handle - Pink

Pin Brush with Silica Gel Soft Handle - Pink
SKU 700371158590
Weight 1.00 lbs
Item Number 15859

Iconic Pet Hard Pin Brush (Silica Gel Soft Handle) has a soft and comfortable grip to hold and is made of ABS & Silicone. This hard pin brush can be used for both long and short coated breeds. The design of stainless steel pins setting on the cushion pad allows your pet to enjoy hair cleaning and skin massage at the same time. (Length of head:60mm. Width of head:110mm. Total length of brush:183mm.)

This product is intended for pets only. Keep out of reach of children. Don’t leave pet unattended. This product may have hard and sharp edges, so the pet should be supervised while grooming. Do not use the above products on pets, if any part becomes loose or detached. This is not a toy.  Don’t use excessive pressure while grooming which may hurt the pet.