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Mouse Cage (Set of 6) - Small

Mouse Cage (Set of 6) - Small
SKU Assortment YE
Weight 16.00 lbs
Item Number Assortment YE

Mouse Cage features a solid plastic base and plastic coated wire cage top.The Mouse Cage is featured with white mesh caging and a removable pan for easy cleaning. This cage is equipped with a house feeder, water-suction bottle, and a treadmill for playing. The cage provides plenty of space for your mouse to run around freely. The wall and Roof are in white color. Bottoms are available in two different colors; 3 are Yellow and 3 are Green.

It is ideal for housing a couple of mice comfortably and comes in a convenient ready to assemble flat pack. Easy to clean and very economical.

Assortment to have 3 yellow and 3 green bottoms.

Size UPC Code Item No Qty Color    
12"x9"x16" 700371157616 15761 3 Green    
12"x9"x16" 700371157623 15762 3 Yellow