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Double Sided Pin Comb - Pink

Double Sided Pin Comb - Pink
SKU 700371158279
Weight 1.00 lbs
Item Number 15827

Iconic Pet double sided pin comb has a comfortable grip to handle and it is made of TPE and PP, which are eco-friendly. The pins are made of stainless steel. (Diameter of Steel Pin:1.2mm (dense side),1.5mm (sparse side). Length of Pin:25mm. Number of Pins:32pcs (dense side), 25pcs (sparse side).
Instructions to Use:
• Always brush your pet before bathing because water may tighten the existing tangles.
• Double sided stainless steel pins of different densities can complement each other in use.
• Comb in the direction of hair growth.
• This product is suitable for all kinds of pets.
• Brushing daily may help to enhance pet’s blood circulation.

• This product is intended for pets only.
• Extreme pressure of the comb will lead to skin inflammation.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Don't leave pet unattended.