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Dome Top Bird Cage (Set of 6) - Small

Dome Top Bird Cage (Set of 6) - Small
SKU Assortment YA
Weight 14.00 lbs
Item Number Assortment YA

The economical bird cage is featured with mesh caging and dome-shaped roofing. It also includes a removable bottom pan for easy cleaning. This cage is equipped with two drinking cups, one perch, and a ring. This Dome Top Bird Cage provides comfortable living and playing space and ideal for parakeets, cockatiels and other small birds.The walls and the roof are in white color. The bottoms are available in three different colors; 2 are Yellow, 2 are Green and 2 are Red.

Assortment to have 2 yellow, 2 green and 2 red bottoms

Size UPC Code Item No Qty Color
12"x9"x15" 700371157432 15743 2 Yellow
12"x9"x15" 700371157449 15744 2 Green
12"x9"x15" 700371157456 15745 2 Red