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KittyKlean Litter Box with Rattan Finish

KittyKlean Litter Box with Rattan Finish
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Weight 8.38 lbs
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Having a cat as a pet is most enjoyable if you take a few steps to see that your cat is feeling the same. Cats tend to make their own rules and walk around the house their own way making it challenging and charming. The most worrisome habit is that of littering the home, but here is the right solution for your cat litter. A modern, hygienic and exclusive cat litter box which can be easily accessed by your cat and provides all the privacy and comfort for your cat to answer the call of nature.
The KittyKlean cat litter box from Iconic Pet is a stylish, rattan finish, white litter box with an opening wherein the cat can go inside and litter. The litter box has an extra step for convenience, which is spacious from the inside and gives them the sense of having an exclusive space. The KittyKlean litter box is designed for utmost hygiene and easy cleaning up; it has a collection tray at the base which can be pulled out to dispose the litter. The extra step litter tray and the domb can be saperated for easy cleaning. The litter box is made of high grade polypropylene material and it is also lightweight and handy to be placed anywhere in the house and will match the decor of the house. The modular design helps you to assemble and dismantle the box within few minutes.

Cats love to be pampered and more so than any other pet, the litter box will keep your pet cat happy, disciplined and hygienic. Ultimately you are the one who will feel so good about keeping your pet and your home clean and happy.

KittyKlean Extra Step Litter Box has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

Made of strong Polypropylene material.
White exterior color.
Easy to assemble and long lasting.
Pull out tray for litter disposal.
Looks stylish anywhere in the house.

*All dimensions are approximate and in inches. *Colors may differ slightly.