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Foldable Double Door Crate with Divider - 48"

Foldable Double Door Crate with Divider - 48"
SKU 799665921422
Weight 38.00 lbs
Item Number 92142

Dimensions:- 48"x30"x32"

Iconic Pet’s Double Door Crate is excellent for training your puppy or dog. These crates are made of heavy duty wire gauge and include two doors, divider panel with a plastic pan on the bottom. Double door design allows easy access from front & side ways. Side door allows flexibility so the pets’s home can be placed in the most convenient location. This bottom removable plastic pan makes it easy to clean.The divider confines your puppy to a smaller area for training, while they are growing, and allows you to adjust the space as your puppy grows. Iconic Pet’s crates are designed with your dogs utmost safety, security and comfort in mind. Corners are rounded for ultimate safety.
These cages can be assembled in no time and do not require any tools. It is easy to set up and collapsible crate folds up completely for easy transport and storage (In the form of a suitcase). Ideal for home use or for those who like to take their dogs while travelling. This crate can be a very comfortable home for your pet and is designed with your pet’s security and safety in mind. Most dogs have a natural instinct not to soil or eliminate in their area of rest or sleep. If the crate is big, your dog may use one side of the crate to sleep and another side to do it’s personal business. Our adjustable divider helps to train your pup to potty in a designated area, such as outdoors or on a piddle pad.
This Double Door dog Crate is a useful training tool for dogs of any age and is ideal for house training, travel, and assistance in resolving behavioral problems.

Includes: Divider Panel & plastic bottom pan.

Safety Instructions: This crate/cage is intended for trained pets. Supervision is required. Remove any foreign object from the pet including collar, tags, and leads before placing it in the carrier to prevent possible entanglement. Place suitable bedding into the crate to make it a comfortable and good place to rest. Do not leave your dog unattended for long periods of time.