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DazzleDen Elite Pet Villa - Small

DazzleDen Elite Pet Villa - Small
SKU 601393524946
Weight 19.20 lbs
Item Number 52494
Here is a product for those pet parents who want the best for their dear pets. The DazzleDen pet villa is a fine and relaxing place for your favourite pet to lead an independent and carefree life. No wonder it is called a villa because it is aesthetically designed like a small villa. The pet villa has a slanted roof on either side with a tiled appearance. There is an arched entry way and the walls on three sides have attractive self design to give that extra beauty to the villa. It is an addition to your home that will fit well with your decor wherever you place it whether indoors or outdoors. The villa is cozy and comfortable enough to keep the pet safe against all types of weather.
The foldable pet villa is made of high quality material and finished to perfection. The whole villa is modular and can be easily assembled and dismantled when required. The removable roof ensures that cleaning the villa is easy and efficient. The villa is made of lightweight yet high quality material providing long lasting use without breakage or damage even when used outdoors. The villa comes with colored roof and white sidewalls and the colors are fast and lasting. The raised platform of the villa ensures that the pet is safe from water flooding, seepage or creepy crawlers. The best part is that the pet villa is totally foldable and when assembling the lock system clicks into place to give a solid build.

The DazzleDen pet villa is available in threesizes for different kinds of dogs or cats. It is the perfect gift to your pet for a cozy and comfortable place to spend day or night.

DazzleDen Elite Pet Villa has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

Made of high quality Polypropylene material.
Anti-corrosive and long lasting.
Easy and quick to assemble.
Well ventilated and super comfortable.
Removable roof for easy cleaning.
Elevated base to help keep your pets dry.
Ideal for dogs and cats.

*All dimensions are approximate and in inches. *Colors may differ slightly.